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Weight Loss Management Specialist

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Reaching your goal weight can do so much to boost your self-esteem. Weight loss can also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and many other concerning medical issues. Hima Yalamanchili, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine specialist practicing at Long Island Heart & Vascular in Westbury and Ridgewood, New York. She designs individualized weight loss management plans that help you reach your goal and keep the pounds off. For specialized care designed to help you succeed at weight loss, schedule a visit with Dr. Yalamanchili today. Call the office or book your appointment online.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

How can weight loss improve my heart health?

Excess weight requires your heart to work harder to meet your body’s demands for a nutrient-rich blood supply. Over time, this increased workload can cause your heart’s pumping chambers to enlarge and its muscular walls to stiffen or weaken, which can lead to heart failure. Losing weight helps preserve your heart’s function by returning its workload to normal.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is often linked to excess weight and obesity. It can cause significant damage to the arteries feeding your heart, which may lead to coronary artery disease, impaired heart function, and heart attack. Hypertension also increases your risk of stroke and affects blood vessel health throughout your body. Weight loss can help normalize blood pressure levels and reduce these risks.

Other health conditions related to excess pounds that also affect your heart and improve with weight loss include:

  • Fatty liver disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Chronic inflammation

How much weight will I have to lose?

Dr. Yalamanchili works closely with you to establish realistic goals for reaching your ideal weight and maintaining your weight loss. Even modest weight loss, however, can decrease your risks of developing heart disease and other serious medical conditions.

Dropping just 10-15 pounds, for instance, can decrease your risk of heart disease. Losing just 5-10% of your body weight can decrease your chance of developing Type 2 diabetes by 58% or greatly improve your blood sugar levels if you already have diabetes.

What is weight loss management?

At Long Island Heart & Vascular, weight loss management begins with a physical exam and careful review of your overall health. You can expect a detailed and encouraging discussion regarding the benefits of weight loss and ways to reach your goal.

Dr. Yalamanchili won’t stop there, however. Instead, she offers ongoing support that includes routine follow-up visits to monitor your progress, referrals for nutritional guidance, exercise training and other lifestyle interventions that encourage you to stick with the plan.

Experience the advantages of personalized weight loss management that come from a team effort. Schedule a visit at Long Island Heart & Vascular today. Call or book your appointment online.